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In a country where traditional family values have been swept out the door, and where faith in Jesus Christ and respect for the attributes of God have been censored within our schools, the media, and in much of the arts and entertainment industry, it is refreshing to know that there is a Canadian ministry whom God has raised up to be a witness and light amongst the un-churched of our society.

Jack Jackson and the Jackson Ministries team are an organization whom have been given a unique ability to shine the light of Christ through a music ministry that has given them a voice in the entertainment industry across North America.

Jack and the J.R.B. band have been blazing a trail across North America using "Market Place Evangelism" techniques that have been instrumental in introducing thousands of non-churched people into a new awareness and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Although "country" in it's nature, Jack and his team have "something old and something new" with music that attracts and inspires people of every age, wherever they perform within a "Market Place" setting.

Jack and his gifted team entertain and encourage audiences with music that endorses, traditional family values, faith in God, and a relationship with Christ that gives our world help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Jack Jackson is president for the "Jack Jackson Evangelical Ministries" which is a certified non-profit charity with C.C.R.A and the I.R.S governments of North America.
Jack is a "District Evangelist" with the Alberta and N.W.T. District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and he is also a "churched based" evangelist assisting as associate pastor/evangelist at the "Avenue Church", in Calgary Alberta with Rev. John Cuyler.

This ministry is funded by "private donations" and through the on going financial support of it's many fans and friends whom see the validity of sending this ministry into the highways and byways of our world.

Being a certified "Not for Profit Charity" allows this ministry to issue "income tax deductible receipts" at the end of each year for income tax purposes. Your financial sponsorship and or donations will be greatly appreciated and will be receipted accordingly.

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